Saturday, May 21, 2011

high school..... like it was yesterday!!

My high school memory is when I met my best friend Dani the first time I ever met her was in 3rd grade but we never talked agian after that thell my freshman year in high school when she found me in lacrosse and she started helping me practice she was  an amazing person. There was one reason she noticed me and started becoming a part of my life and it was all becuase of the way my boyfriend at the time treated me. she had noticed that everytime she saw me I wasn't always having the greatest day and that I was never smiling but somthing about her made her find out what was going on with me sshe took the time to figure out thet it was becuase of my now ex-boyfriend he was not the micest person he was spme what abuse not only emotionally but physicaly and she was the only one who say what was really happening she was the only one that helped me become who I am today she picked me up when i was in one of my darkest places in life she took me under her wings and made me know that evedrthing was going to be ok and she kept me for hers she let me know what love really is and i could not ask for more this is my favorite high school memory becuase she took me away from what could have been the end of me and gave me a spot in her heart and promised me she would never let go or never hurt me thats why Dani is my favorite high school memory.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

senior project walk through!!

My senior project was a fun presentation of home decor that consist of of tables, chairs, and shadow boxes including much much more I was one of the lucky people to get done before  February. I had a least two months to plan everything else that goes along with the project. I got to go through and think about how I was going to hang things up and a rage  them. Everything was going perfect tell I found out I would only have two days to set up because of other people that were going to be in the location of my art show, before this there was always the issue of finding the right products and the money to purchase them. All in all everything went ok after it was all in its places and I didn't have to worry about the way it was going to look. I was very happy the presentation went well and everything was fabulous, thanks to ryan and his band he pulled together there was beautiful music and entertainment.

show and tell

A simple jar of flowers is what my show and tell is. this jar of flower is very important to me because it holds not just flowers but flowers from all my family members funerals that i have attended i the last seven and a half years. i have lost 3 different family members since 2004 first it started with my grandfather who passed away from lung cancer when i was ten years old. The second person was my baby cosine Savannah  Rae that passed away in her sleep from crib death. the third is my aunt Lori that passed from a heart attack. all the flowers in this jar are all from there different flowers all of them have been dried and put in this jar along with the memory of there lives. this simple jar has more meaning in it then anything i own and i'm so glad that i decided to make it because its like having a connection to everyone that i've lost.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heart wrenching break

I’ve learned so many things about life, like when you are a true friend to someone and you believe in them forever it makes a huge impact on their life this over spring break someone very dear and special to my heart made me open my eyes and made me see what life is all about. Life is not just about sitting around waiting for something big to happen it is about being the bigger person and taking the bull by the horns.  Theirs one person who made me realize that if I was not going to talk to her then we were never going to get anywhere with are relationship, so I took a leap and I talked to Dani the women I’m talking about.  I hadn’t talked to her in months she had the biggest smile on her face when she realized I was not mad at her and that everything between us was ok  she open her hand and grab my hand I had never felt so relieved to find out that I had not lost my best friend. I’m glad she is back in my life but now the fear of her leaving begins again, will she stay where she is loved or will she go where she is used for all she is worth and she believes that this person loves her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A small reminder......

So about two months ago my family ordered a ring for my senior year but when I design my ring it was not designed to be an ordinary ring. This ring was designed with three very important people in mind, the first thing I put on the ring was an image of an eagle. This representing my grandfather Terry Apple he was my dad’s dad. When he passed away from lung cancer a week before my tenth birthday my heart broke but it made me even more determined to graduate just for him because the one thing that he wanted to see was me graduating.

     The second thing was a symbol of the American flag, my uncle; Jake Leija was deplored on my seventeenth birthday. He will not come back tell august of 2011 the last thing I want him to miss was my graduation but he is going to anyway so he can keep fight for the freedom of America. The determination that I get from my uncle pushes me further then I’ve ever been. My uncle has made me believe that there are no boundaries and that when I find myself stuck that there is always a different way to do things and to get to the very end.

     The third thing on my ring is not a symbol but a birth stone, not my birth stone but the birth stone of my cousin that passed away from crib death when she was only four months old. This little girl was the most beautiful little baby I had ever seen. But when she passed I made it a goal to accomplish everything I believe that she would have done with her life. Make something new happen every day and to try anything that is throw my way without hesitating.

     Every time I see my ring it is a reminder of all the things I have to live up to and all the things I still have to accomplish. Such a small reminder but everything it pushes me to do is so much bigger.            

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rupert, the Good and the Bad

So I'm in Rupert right now with my best friend Hailey becuase things are not going well in the family. We are here to see grandma and to say goodbyes to her before the good lord takes her. We wish at this point that she would close here eyes and go to sleep peacefully so that she could be free of pain and suffering. This beautiful woman is one of the sweetest things I have ever met. Even though all she is doing is sleeping, the whole family is sharing memories and letting  GG (Great Grandma) know that ever thing is ok (GG is the great grandmother). In due time things will calm down and everything will be ok again. Everyone will start to let go and begin to be themselves again. The life of the women I have only known for a short while seems like it has been fufilled with her loved ones and the accomplishment she wanted to achieve. God bless GG and i hope that everyone will keep her in there prayers Glam Gram (Hailey's grandma) on the other hand is alive and well she has been the highlight of the weekend. She is so amazing and happy around everyone. She is trying to keep eveything together here, and i can personally say she is doing a fine job at it. We are still laughing and giggling togther and making even more good times. Oh yes, and the fabulous Square! This is what they call down town Rupert everything is literally in a square you drive around an ancient park and everything is so adorable. It reminds me of radiator spring from pixar cars. My favorite two spots in town, are the old car sales dealership and the old bank that is now a present time high class resturant in Rupert. My all time favorite is the amazing opera house, a real opera house! Not like the egyption theater, the old time two story vitorian looking opera houses. Now that i have summed up my weekend for you now. All in all it has been good. We are all making due with what we are going through and please remeber to pray for grandma GG.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Senior project overload

Ryan and me are supposed to be calibrating are senior project’s but well are plan we don’t have is not working. We have so much to do music to choose projects to finish and we still don’t have a time date or time we need hopefully things will start to come together. But as for now we can just panic and go with the flow of everything. We both have to have fifteen individual hours of mentor time and well between the both of us we only have one hour and ten minutes. Things have got to pick up or I think we might just both lose it.